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Morris County Sold Out 
Greensboro 8/27/16
Raleigh 8/27/16
Ann Arbor 8/28/16
Jackson 9/3/16
Quebec 9/4/16
New Orleans 9/4/16
Manassas 9/10/16
Gulfport 9/10/16
Dubuque 9/17/16
Richmond 9/17/16
St. Cloud 9/17/16
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YOLO! You only live once! And this is an excellent opportunity to take “be wild and crazy for a day” off of your bucket list! Color Vibe is a color blast 5K that is all about having fun and getting covered from top to toe with splashes of color pandemonium. All color is 100% safe, edible, biodegradable, and beautiful. It is D&C approved and non-toxic.

You’ll get color blasted with Blue, Yellow, Pink, Purple, and Green as you run, (or walk) through the Color Vibe zones, and you’ll feel like you’re floating in a cloud of double rainbow happiness while you’re doing it!








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